More On Trees

Are trees intelligent? We are how we define. In this week’s New Yorker (23 Dec), Michael Pollan takes a fresh look at the compare and contrast conversation over animal versus plant kingdoms: “The Intelligent Plant: Scientists debate a new way of understanding flora.” At what cost do we hold the brain primary in a hierarchical viewContinue reading “More On Trees”

The Root of the Matter

A poem in the shape of a tree. A poem about a tree in the shape of a tree. Some will argue it’s neither a poem nor a tree, not a real tree, anyway. Critics will argue the tree is not a poem, because it has neither rhyme nor stanzas, though the lines do presentContinue reading “The Root of the Matter”

Trick Photography and Trees

There are, some argue, two forms of life on our planet: animal and plant. It’s generally conceived that only animals have consciousness, but not all of them. When Descartes said, “I think; therefore I am,” he may have ruined possibilities for a lot of potential ams. “The unconscious passes into the object and returns,” RobertContinue reading “Trick Photography and Trees”