Sidewalk Chalk Pastel with Haiku

Over at Miriam’s Well, an invitation to a haiku. And why not? As it happened, I was working on a post of pics that lacked captions, not that they needed any, but a bit of word garnish on a gallery augments the gadzooks. The haiku, posted on Miriam’s site, came in walking stride: a            long            old            side           Continue reading “Sidewalk Chalk Pastel with Haiku”

Child with Blue Cat on Concrete

Past posts drop farther and farther down the vertical ramp of the blog, disappearing like sidewalk chalk drawings. One critic walks around the drawing, viewing it carefully, as if visiting a gallery or museum, another walks over it, disgusted with art. The sidewalk artist moves up to a clear space of concrete, or draws over yesterday’sContinue reading “Child with Blue Cat on Concrete”