Summer Notes: 7 – Shoeless

Discalced order of children running aground barefoot, the beach sand so hot we flip flopped like fish out of the water close at hand. When you did not know what a thing was, you gave it a name, then you knew it. Flip-flops went everywhere, named for their sound, rubber sole held to the frontContinue reading “Summer Notes: 7 – Shoeless”

Didi and Gogo Feted with Lifetime Achievement Award

A country road. A tree. Against the tree a bicycle. Quick! Gogo! What the hey? I was sleeping! Why can’t you let me sleep, Didi? The need for your heinie’s beauty sleep notwithstanding, Surely you’ve not forgotten we are to be feted, you hopeless hobo. I could use a new pair of shoes, though IContinue reading “Didi and Gogo Feted with Lifetime Achievement Award”

On Shoes: A Barefoot Existentialism

Another summer unfolded like a dirty sock, stiff and hot. Baseball fell to football, and I kicked off the boat shoes. What to put on? If you’re a ballplayer, you may have uncommon shoe choice, as evidenced by reports of a Fall skirmish, in a bar down in Louisiana, which resulted in the police confiscatingContinue reading “On Shoes: A Barefoot Existentialism”