On Discussion

What is there to discuss-ion? “Music as discourse (jazz) doesn’t work,” John Cage said.* “If you’re going to have a discussion, have it and use words.” As both a jazz and Cage fan, I’ve often reflected on the paradox, for discourse, “running to and fro,” seems an accurate description of jazz, with or without words. […]

Selections from Foulings Phonebook

Selections from Phonebook for Foulings Neighborhood of SE Portland: 1: Foulings Tavern: 33 Foulings Street, Eastgate-3218. 2: Jack Foulings, 33 Foulings Street, Eastgate-3218. 3: Foulings Car Repair Shop: 20 Third Ave. No phone. 4: Foulings Music: LP Specialists. Fourth and Foulings. 5: Foulings Grocery: Corner of Foulings and Third. 6: Flowers by Joyce: Sidewalk outside […]

Online # 1

I’m online, browsing. I’m cruising for a new pair of slippers. I’m sitting on the love seat, in the living room, slouched down, my feet docked on the ottoman. My location is public, living room, slipping down, gliding for a new pair of slippers, my purpose public. I enter “cruising slippers” into my search engine. […]