Writing and its Discontents: Lady Gaga to Replace McChrystal

I read with interest Caleb Crain’s recent post, about Freud, which begins with a doubt about blogging. Doubts about blogging can quickly reduce to an absurdity: why write at all? I’m beginning to suspect there are more readers than are being counted in the polls. The question is, what are we reading. Attendance at baseball gamesContinue reading “Writing and its Discontents: Lady Gaga to Replace McChrystal”

Rolling Stone’s 50 Reasons to Watch TV

The cover story of the September 17 issue of Rolling Stone gives us the best reasons to watch television. It’s all about content, of course – not a word about form. Marshall McLuhan, in Understanding Media, gives us the real best reasons for watching TV. “With TV, the viewer is the screen,” McLuhan says (p.Continue reading “Rolling Stone’s 50 Reasons to Watch TV”