A Short Excerpt from Coconut Oil

Here is a very short excerpt from the “Wintertide” chapter of “Coconut Oil.” Oh, and the jouissance of the creamy oil’s single flavor savors of favor, in the bath, kitchen, by the four-poster or berth, for dry skin, diaper rash, or when the dark knells for thee. No need to refrigerate. Oil squeaky hinges, refurbishContinue reading “A Short Excerpt from Coconut Oil”

B Flat Minor Seventh Flat Five

a sharp as brittle as glass  spikes strikes oiled wood tie the ground below a rose bubbled bottle easy flats as surf foams loosen smiles and sea splashes rock dome circled cutwater as soft as flurry breeze whistles and leaves as hushed as memory conjurors breathe as down inside the chord fingers fasten figure forContinue reading “B Flat Minor Seventh Flat Five”

Big Dogs in Tall Grass

On the beach at Refugio we walked under palms through sea grass Small waves rolling off the point from curlers coiled and we’re Young and unafraid holding our long boards against our hips and in Summer surfers with yellow and green bangs and those days only a few dogs Peopled the campground under the fatContinue reading “Big Dogs in Tall Grass”