A Modest Halloween Proposal

It sometimes seems clear if there is an afterlife it does not interfere with present life. But what is present? The light from our sun is already a little over eight seconds old. We sunbathe in the past, confident in a present we never quite seem to fully inhabit (physics explains it’s perfectly possible toContinue reading “A Modest Halloween Proposal”

Sestina’s Angel

Sestina falls prey to the sound silence of the Angel sitting in her lap playing with a ball of wireless a wireless webbed feline bureaucracy where pleas receive no reply and the sole sound is a silent catty wind and long days pass with nothing said of the terrible Rilke ranted something about beauty beingContinue reading “Sestina’s Angel”

On Angels

A post this past week over at Course of Mirrors prompted me to brush up on Angels. I have not read the book mentioned in the post, “The Wonderful Visit,” by H. G. Wells, but according to Ashen, it’s about an angel shot from the sky by a hunter all atwitter after a strange birdContinue reading “On Angels”