Whorled weary for this world’s woes worsened by winter’s whistling wicked wishes as worrying as this watch of one’s web life ebb, and if that’s not maudlin enough, sick of this car’s cough, too, its needy changes and fillings, its overheated tantrums, leaks, stalls, and traffic jams, the orange cones and potholes and all waysContinue reading “Whorlscope”

Mending Walk

     on and on the walk       the low wall climbing       of something not the walk and come       bestrewn the hill       a wall of lifted stone and come to a low          or down the hill       a noisy neighbor to a low wall built       ascending or descending       harmonica wall built of loose       so much depends      on blazingContinue reading “Mending Walk”

Some Comics Explained

Words were never so simple as we were taught to believe. Tricksters of the trade make things look like all the chess moves were preordained. And if we are reading second hand, through the prism of translation, so much the better for our lack of understanding! Words are not to understand, but to experience, toContinue reading “Some Comics Explained”

The Phenomenology of Error

The Phenomenology of Error[i] A solo Mission at the Ranger Station before group poetry night, hoping for a good napkin poem. When we read like police we make a criminal[ii] shot with red pencil corrections, the poet apprehended, booked. Pull over the rotting rhymester! Handcuff this conceptualist clown. Arrest that academic asshole. Ticket the doggerelContinue reading “The Phenomenology of Error”

Reading Roland Barthes’s Writing Degree Zero on Line 15

What would Roland Barthes have said about the snippets of poetry published among the ad displays, public service announcements, and caution notes headlining the interior of local bus Line 15?   The poetry placards please riders through a program called, somewhat fancifully, Poetry in Motion, though the poems move relative only to someone off theContinue reading “Reading Roland Barthes’s Writing Degree Zero on Line 15”