The Poet’s Tale

The poet is born in squalor, his first love. Some of the poet’s favorite words include seedy, shabby, seamy. These are words made with a hissing sound. In phonics, that sound is called a sibilant, and is produced by forcing the tongue toward the teeth, with the lips near closed, forcing air out like aContinue reading “The Poet’s Tale”

On Letting My Hair Grow

I’m letting my hair grow. It’s starting to snow. Nothing to be done, Estragon fond. “Now I’m a donor,” I told Susan, “on the recent license renewal.” “They’ll take your anatomical hair,” she said, the young one at the Department of Motor Vehicles: “On your license, be a donor?” she asked me. “Sure, and whyContinue reading “On Letting My Hair Grow”

Sentence Fragment Run-on

Go. A sentence fragment. Having one must avoid. All the handbooks say. Danger. Caution. Draw ire. Pounce on error. Incomplete though. I think I thought I was running on. Stop. Go. Thinking of writing post on sentence fragments, how they irk writer reader argument. Murky sirens fill air writing tinnitis. Word wringing. All writing noContinue reading “Sentence Fragment Run-on”