From the Edge

From the edge he walked to the center and hitreturn. He might have felt lost in the clearing,returning again and again to the dark margin. He thoughtof making a homein the clearing,planting a meadowof words.But things changedat nightin the clearing.Balderdashesran to and fro. He crossed to the other side, the distantedge, the clearing now behindContinue reading “From the Edge”

Espressos and the Hippopotamuses

From the sidewalk table sipping our espressos, the vinegary smell from the torch smoke crossing from the workers re-tarring the post acute rehab hospital entry awning roof across Belmont, we saw the first hippopotamus drop to her belly, blocking the intersection, car horns jeering futilely, the hippo happily like a humongous semicolon, skin winking wet,Continue reading “Espressos and the Hippopotamuses”