“Loomings” is the title given this now completed painting, shown below in various work in progress stages. The piece is 24″ x 36″ x 1&1/2″. For the first time, I used Lukas Berlin “Water Mixable Oil Colour” paints. I did not mix in any water. Though I have wall-hung the painting, the paint is stillContinue reading ““Loomings””

Frames and Paints

Apropos pickle Butte barely there in tumbleweed distance Colloquial circus on edge of town Drab hard rust Emergent sea Fish scale sliver Glass stippled bass dress Hercules sleeping like a cat I don’t know slick Just relax Kairos Let there be dark Maroon full of water Noun ironing board Oh peel up Preen winged wordsContinue reading “Frames and Paints”