Reviews of Alma Lolloon

Another review of “Alma Lolloon” released into the cybersphere, this one by Ashen Venema, author of “Course of Mirrors” and blogger friend. I paste below, and below that, please see the “TinyLetter” opportunity. Ashen’s Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars This is fun. Want to write a book By Ashen Venema on December 19, 2017 Format: Paperback|VerifiedContinue reading “Reviews of Alma Lolloon”

Alma Lolloon: 3rd Installment of Work in Progress

I’m still proofing and editing my new novel, Alma Lolloon. I hope to have it out by December. Meantime, I’m posting installments Saturdays here on the blog. Here is the third installment. (Alma has told her knitting group she is writing a book. The book is to be about her five husbands, and the knittersContinue reading “Alma Lolloon: 3rd Installment of Work in Progress”

“Moonishnessly”: for Susan, Who’s Been Reading the Toads

Moonishnessly We were children then, when we settled on the moon, amid drifts of silver shadows. Our parents were still alive, down on Earth. We had no fear of flying, outside of airplanes, no fear of flying on the wings of birds, daily flights to the moon, one-way flights. We walked on the moon allContinue reading ““Moonishnessly”: for Susan, Who’s Been Reading the Toads”

Love and the Age of Democracy

Imagine life as a serf in an empire. Your father wants to give you to a neighboring monastery in exchange for a pig. But this is actually better than his first proposal, in which he promised your hand in marriage to an old man in a neighboring village. Fortunately, the old man died before theContinue reading “Love and the Age of Democracy”