Inside Li Po’s Restless Night at Berfrois

In my essay put up by Berfrois this morning on variations on a theme of Li Po, a notebook of poems I’ve been working on for years, originally suggested by my reading and writing experience with my former student Florence, I make reference to a few books she gave me. Below, I’ve posted some picsContinue reading “Inside Li Po’s Restless Night at Berfrois”

“The Works of Li Po The Chinese Poet: Done Into English Verse”

At the Rose City Used Book Fair yesterday, amid a bevy of well organized and decorous book nests, I bought another book of poems by the Chinese poet Li Po. According to the version scanned into Google Books, there were only 1,500 copies printed of the 1922 first edition. My copy contains a “Note toContinue reading ““The Works of Li Po The Chinese Poet: Done Into English Verse””