The Bananafish

A popular fish in some schools the deep sea swallower called the bananafish: Sansjawdsalumpigus. Though it lives on the floor of the aphotic zone, it is not bioluminescent; in fact, it’s invisible. Rising to the surface with changes of tide, mind, and mood, it’s worse by tens than the burbling Jabberwock. A bananafish is neverContinue reading “The Bananafish”

Alice in the World Wide Web

Poets have their canon, physicists their string, general interest readers their New Yorker, Sartre’s Self-Taught Men their alphabetized reading lists, not so desperate housewives their Pioneer Woman. Does the reader in the Web look for a clean well-lighted place, a site of one’s own? What do you want to read today? Alice asks the Cheshire Cat “which wayContinue reading “Alice in the World Wide Web”

“Off with their heads!” Rhetorical Images of Heads of States

“Off with their heads!” shouts Carroll’s Queen in Wonderland. Just so, Platon has beheaded them all in “Portraits of Power,” in the December 7 New Yorker. The head of state is not a whole person, but a symbol, but of what? “The king is an erection of the body politic,” Norman O. Brown says inContinue reading ““Off with their heads!” Rhetorical Images of Heads of States”