It’s “After Midnight” at Berfrois

The Toads review, posted back in May, of “After Midnight” was reposted today on Berfrois. After the last few weeks of more unrest around the contemporary world – on the ground, in the air, on-line – Irmgard Keun’s short novel about the life of a young woman in Germany during the build up toward WorldContinue reading “It’s “After Midnight” at Berfrois”

Fear of Writing: “After Midnight,” by Irmgard Keun

“A writer in the act of writing must fear neither his own words nor anything else in the world,” Heini tells Algin in Irmgard Keun’s “After Midnight.” Algin is considering writing a historical novel that will satisfy the stiff submission requirements of the Reich Chamber of Literature. The historical novel might be relatively safe becauseContinue reading “Fear of Writing: “After Midnight,” by Irmgard Keun”