The House in Summer (for ZZ & Chloe)

The house is not a mysterythat’s made from trees and historyfrom every old nook and crannyyou hear the voice of a nanny. Papa pops up to make earlythe coffee and lets out Zoethe cat points like a unicornthe approach of a vacuum horn. The grand girls all day playpretend puzzles of their worldwhile the boardContinue reading “The House in Summer (for ZZ & Chloe)”

Unpacking the Aphorism to Pull Out the Pith

Thoreau valued simplicity and wisdom, yet his writing style is not simple, and the reader must unpack the aphorism to pull out the pith. Anecdote becomes parable, reminding us of Alice and the Duchess: “Tut, tut, child! Everything’s got a moral, if only you can find it.” Thoreau’s claims, statements he knows will invite disagreement,Continue reading “Unpacking the Aphorism to Pull Out the Pith”