You Can’t Go Home Again

Sylvie. 30 Day Letter. Termination. Goodbye, Seattle. Country Blues Song. You can’t go home again. Neither should I have stayed on another week at Hotel Julian. The subdued rhythm of my pastoral turned boisterous with the arrival of the fleet, and my absence in Seattle and now my prolonged and somewhat mysterious trip south caughtContinue reading “You Can’t Go Home Again”

Two Poems for Christmas and the Feast of the Epiphany

Epiphany In the straw burrow farm mice. Get a little closer and you’ll see Nits in baby Jesus’s hair, lice, And a house snake in the olive tree. There’s beer on the breath of the three Sage men sitting under the olive tree, Playing games of cribbage, Ushering in a new age. The pieces areContinue reading “Two Poems for Christmas and the Feast of the Epiphany”

Didi and Gogo Feted with Lifetime Achievement Award

A country road. A tree. Against the tree a bicycle. Quick! Gogo! What the hey? I was sleeping! Why can’t you let me sleep, Didi? The need for your heinie’s beauty sleep notwithstanding, Surely you’ve not forgotten we are to be feted, you hopeless hobo. I could use a new pair of shoes, though IContinue reading “Didi and Gogo Feted with Lifetime Achievement Award”