A Modest Halloween Proposal

It sometimes seems clear if there is an afterlife it does not interfere with present life. But what is present? The light from our sun is already a little over eight seconds old. We sunbathe in the past, confident in a present we never quite seem to fully inhabit (physics explains it’s perfectly possible toContinue reading “A Modest Halloween Proposal”

Costume Chitchat

“For Halloween this year, I’m going as myself. No one will recognize me. Won’t that be scary?” “Last year, you might recall, I went happily as you, boo-b00ing and who-wh00ing up and down the haunted block.” “Once, I went as my father, and was tricked to snake out a bewitched litter box. Dad thought thatContinue reading “Costume Chitchat”

At the Pumpkin Patch

The frizzled farmer pushing the pulling, tired draft horse, his jeans ballooning like pantaloons pinched into rubber boots sunk and stuck like squash in the shallow fall mud, his arms swollen loofahs lifting pumpkins up to the children riding on sweet smelling, dry hay bales in the wagon, has a “Head like a prize pumpkin,”Continue reading “At the Pumpkin Patch”