Haiku on Dog Cloud Piano for Guitar and Voice

Press yes to play here the balls fall for free hear them drop and roll english orb orbit for texting eddies no to go away in pool hall heaven chalk up your cue stick break like a big bang syllabicating maybe to come back no need for quarters green felt of grass field consider theContinue reading “Haiku on Dog Cloud Piano for Guitar and Voice”

Sidewalk Chalk Pastel with Haiku

Over at Miriam’s Well, an invitation to a haiku. And why not? As it happened, I was working on a post of pics that lacked captions, not that they needed any, but a bit of word garnish on a gallery augments the gadzooks. The haiku, posted on Miriam’s site, came in walking stride: a            long            old            side           Continue reading “Sidewalk Chalk Pastel with Haiku”