A Cutting Edge Paradox

Mr. Groen maintained a modest but pleasant yard.Saturdays in season he cut the grass with a pushmower, pruned roses, fertilized, spread compost.Martha Groen watered the beds full of crimsongeraniums, purple peonies, tulips, daisies, and such that fancied her seasonal gardening moods. But back to back dry nasty winters followed by suns so hot the weathermanContinue reading “A Cutting Edge Paradox”

Summer Notes: 4 – Water

These awkward weedy notes of summer, they steal water from the subtle artful crafty ones, the ones crammed with food and hose drenched, and yes, fruit-bearing they’ll be, and well spent. The mollycoddle promises a bumper crop this year, but what will be done with it all? They can can the coddle, bottle the molly,Continue reading “Summer Notes: 4 – Water”