A Cutting Edge Paradox

Mr. Groen maintained a modest but pleasant yard.Saturdays in season he cut the grass with a pushmower, pruned roses, fertilized, spread compost.Martha Groen watered the beds full of crimsongeraniums, purple peonies, tulips, daisies, and such that fancied her seasonal gardening moods. But back to back dry nasty winters followed by suns so hot the weatherman […]


Anna’s hum must be a drum Syllabifying wings she pauses Asks for a brush of water. Gusto the loin cat curls Garnished in the parsley Paws brown under yellow Orange marigold sprinkle. Curling green garlic stalks Stop hear the red head hum Oiled garden buzz Quicken the quiet morn humus Yeses of soft dry feathers. […]