Nine Pieces of Very Short Flash Fiction

A Victorian Family

Once upon a time, in a three story house full of dark rooms full of furniture and footsteps, and then there were none.

Inside Out

In the beginning the end already coming and who could stop it apparently will not.


In the mid 1950’s, the Young family moved to California, and come the turn of the century, they had all transferred out.

Joseph K.

With his English degree from Yale, Joseph K. procured a job as an underwriter in a huge banking firm headquartered in Manhattan, where he rose through the ranks to write a mission statement about which he one day was questioned.

The Big City

She had no family, a miserable job that paid measly, and only a few friends who like her mistrusted men.

The Brick Pulled from the Wall

From the playground he threw a baseball through the window of a confessional and thought, perfect, I’ll confess and no one will ever know.

A Longer Work

After writing a thousand pieces of flash fiction, none of which were accepted for publication anywhere, it came to him he might as well start writing a long novel.


He lost his putter, stopped mowing the grass, let the weeds grow, and the butterflies returned to suburbia.

Whipped Cream & Cherries

One day, he passed the dive bar on the corner and entered the ice cream parlour next door, where he met his future wife filling sugar cones for a birthday party.