Waiting for Sot

Scruples. Chance. Fishing. Hiding. Most of the gods are on the make. Being at least part human, as I am, may cause one to harbor some scruples. These Sylvie relies on to keep me on the straight and narrow. It’s no wonder humans have created shame in an attempt to keep the activities of theContinue reading “Waiting for Sot”

A Change of Clothes

Oracle. Fin de siècle. Redondo Pier. Fishing. I abandoned the rental running as Wormy had instructed and made my way down to the Redondo Beach Pier. From the sidewalk near Catalina and Coral I had glanced back and the rental car had already been picked up and disappeared. The classic fin de siècle houses alongContinue reading “A Change of Clothes”

Seaweed Cabbage

What was that she said about the skin on his hands and forearms, seaweed cabbage boiling on stove, “That looks bad.” Blue dark wet orange oil damp oars drift awake dawn dress coffee smoke brown falls upon brown slow walk down curved sandy path to the water empty nets sea grass tired boats in freshContinue reading “Seaweed Cabbage”