Hamlet’s Status (A Play in Six Posts)

Hamlet, at his computer. Enter Polonius: Polonius: What friends thou hast, add them fast, Lord Hamlet. Hamlet: Polonius advises us to link our souls with hoopla, When twice this same moon updates us, But still to me she hath not chatted. Polonius: Light lord, thy status in disconnect must be, Causing you this dark andContinue reading “Hamlet’s Status (A Play in Six Posts)”


facebrick facebuilt facebroke faceblind facedearth faceboss facetomb facepop facedough facetious facestitch facetouch facebotch facebach faceberth facestill facestone facequiet facepiece facemirth facebush faceface facephone facespill facer facecross facetoss facemoss facetaste facemill facevalve faceback facade faceplay faceout facetone facemoan faceme faceyou facepull faceposh facerush facemush facebrush facetilt facsimile factotum facecap facemask facetome facedrone facetill facetree faceroad faceliftContinue reading “facephenom”

Taking the facebook Pledge; or, The Allegory of the facebook Cave

I decided again to leave facebookland. I’m back on the facebook wagon. I spent too much time driving around in circles, and my time on facebook was beginning to feel like living on a freeway, not free, and only two ways, on and off, and I had to keep up with the traffic, stay outContinue reading “Taking the facebook Pledge; or, The Allegory of the facebook Cave”

“What’s Happening?”; or, the Faux Social Finish of Verb People

To twitter is indeed to sound off like a bird. “No full sentence really completes a thought,” said Hugh Kenner, in The Pound Era (1971), throwing a rock into several generations of roosting English grammar teachers: “And though we may string never so many clauses into a single compound sentence, motion leaks everywhere, like electricityContinue reading ““What’s Happening?”; or, the Faux Social Finish of Verb People”

Where The Gutenberg Galaxy Wanes While the Zuckerberg Zone Waxes: How the Founder of Facebook is Destroying the Printing Press

At 18, a grunt at Fort Bliss, in El Paso, sitting knee to knee and cheek to cheek with my peers in a latrine of 12 stools, I learned that going to the bathroom is a business, and privacy does not work for us, we work for her. We had, in 1969, at Fort Bliss,Continue reading “Where The Gutenberg Galaxy Wanes While the Zuckerberg Zone Waxes: How the Founder of Facebook is Destroying the Printing Press”

Jeeves and Bertie Wooster in Facebookland

If Facebook was a country, it would have the 3rd largest population in the world, and the least privacy, so why do people continue to move there? Inside Facebook, a site that tracks Facebook demographics, shows the Facebook population growing like aphids on a primrose. The fastest growing segment is the female age 55-65 group,Continue reading “Jeeves and Bertie Wooster in Facebookland”

From bookface to facebook

Why facebook? Why not faceweb? The web is not a book. Then again, what is a book? What is a web? The web is like an illuminated manuscript.   We used to call prolific readers bookworms, their faces buried in books. Bookworm is a misnomer; worms are quite social, as my compost pile reveals. ButContinue reading “From bookface to facebook”