Rolling Stone’s 50 Reasons to Watch TV

The cover story of the September 17 issue of Rolling Stone gives us the best reasons to watch television. It’s all about content, of course – not a word about form. Marshall McLuhan, in Understanding Media, gives us the real best reasons for watching TV. “With TV, the viewer is the screen,” McLuhan says (p.Continue reading “Rolling Stone’s 50 Reasons to Watch TV”

Reading declines, unobtrusively

Caleb Crain’s article in the December 24 issue of the New Yorker reports on a decline in reading, discusses the causes and effects of declining reading skills, and speculates on what a future readerless society might be like. Titled “Twilight of the Books,” the article asks, “What will life be like if people stop reading?”Continue reading “Reading declines, unobtrusively”