after pruning grapes in winter

kee jaa gigrrijaa filled dawn      downtempo sound seep             ing                         ing                                     ing sleep ing in      water sprinkle plash bark dust bath. the little ones pleach             apple yellow irotollak frisson             bird dew squish.             A tugboat crow lands pushes off in creosote             dress    high inContinue reading “after pruning grapes in winter”

A Cat For All Seasons

– It’s spring! Don’t you just love spring? – Winter will come again. It always does. – The ice has melted. Like e. e. cummings said, “in Just- spring          when the world is mud- luscious” – It’s supposed to rain again tomorrow. – But this is today! And we’re alive in this spring moment! –Continue reading “A Cat For All Seasons”

Yet More on the Disappearance of Newspapers; or, Welcome to Spring Training!

I went out this morning to snag The Oregonian from its usual pitch somewhere across the front drive area, but it was nowhere to be found. It was a lovely, solid gold morning. The car windows were a bit frozen still, but the blue and yellow sky was promising the answer e. e. cummings suggestedContinue reading “Yet More on the Disappearance of Newspapers; or, Welcome to Spring Training!”