Dinner Walk & Theatre

The Willamette River flows north through the Valley roughly parallel I-5, and after making the turns near the Falls at Oregon City, moves through Portland before joining the Columbia on its way to the Pacific Ocean, but no worries, this isn’t going to be a geography lesson. After passing under the Sellwood Bridges (there areContinue reading “Dinner Walk & Theatre”

Hamlet’s Status (A Play in Six Posts)

Hamlet, at his computer. Enter Polonius: Polonius: What friends thou hast, add them fast, Lord Hamlet. Hamlet: Polonius advises us to link our souls with hoopla, When twice this same moon updates us, But still to me she hath not chatted. Polonius: Light lord, thy status in disconnect must be, Causing you this dark andContinue reading “Hamlet’s Status (A Play in Six Posts)”