Chattering swing of ratchet wrench Hatted on hexed nut box bolt head Alloy heat threaded hatchet hoax Treat tears time tender torpid box Tightly drawn reach of technical Entity rat tatting chattel Rat a tach tech teacher hat chat By the stunned thwacked beach Or far inland brine dry valleys Xylophone loops accordingly roll.


Hanging from their necks, belts, or ties, with photo, they come from somewhere, and have some place to go. She sees them bouncing up and down the streets, swagging vigor to and fro. Sometimes they meet and talk, badge to badge, boar to sow. She doesn’t get what they say. Normally, they just proceed, prancing […]

On Words

“Overrated and abused, underrated and reused, hyperbolized and underused, understated and overstated, restated and retracted, excused and double-downed, drowned and rusticated, nailed to a wall and drawn on a scroll, ignored and explored, welcomed and turned away, painted and scrawled, yelled and whispered, tattooed and erased, written down and written up, spelled out in the […]

On the Doodle

Is doodling an art form? The true doodle only appears when the doodler is preoccupied, listening to a lecture, sitting in a staff meeting, caged, drawing absent-mindedly. While the doodler is distracted, the doodles escape. But, as John Cage said, music occurs whether we intend it or not, and when we turn our attention to […]