The Bananafish

A popular fish in some schools the deep sea swallower called the bananafish: Sansjawdsalumpigus. Though it lives on the floor of the aphotic zone, it is not bioluminescent; in fact, it’s invisible. Rising to the surface with changes of tide, mind, and mood, it’s worse by tens than the burbling Jabberwock. A bananafish is neverContinue reading “The Bananafish”

“Therapy”: A Kierkegaardian Sitcom

Tubby is into therapy. On any given day, he might drop by his aroma therapist and get a concoction of essential oils rubdown while inhaling infusions of lavender and such to improve, for example, his virility. Or Tubby will go in for a bit of acupuncture. One of his problems is with a knee.[1] OrContinue reading ““Therapy”: A Kierkegaardian Sitcom”