You Can’t Go Home Again

Sylvie. 30 Day Letter. Termination. Goodbye, Seattle. Country Blues Song. You can’t go home again. Neither should I have stayed on another week at Hotel Julian. The subdued rhythm of my pastoral turned boisterous with the arrival of the fleet, and my absence in Seattle and now my prolonged and somewhat mysterious trip south caughtContinue reading “You Can’t Go Home Again”

Two Riders Were Approaching

Two riders were approaching on hogs and wearing leather. “Let’s stop here,” said one to the other, “for a cool drinking beer.” They passed the time on songs that ofttimes rhymed. On the trail or in the big city. They parked the hogs in the gutter. At the bar the one he uttered,“What’s that youContinue reading “Two Riders Were Approaching”

“Bury My Heart in the Muddy Mississippi”

“Bury My Heart in the Muddy Mississippi” A Country Music song Guitar Chords: GAD (Slow intro with a little lilt) G                             A I took my girl to the Friday night dance, D                  Continue reading ““Bury My Heart in the Muddy Mississippi””