A Brief Statement on the Comma

The comma, which gives one pause; the comma which does not give one pause; the comma, at which point one pauses; the comma, a cockroach in the corner of the closet after all the clothes are cleaned out and the conversations are forgotten, hollow and cold; the comma that defies erasure, the comma that sticks;Continue reading “A Brief Statement on the Comma”

Two Hep Cats and the Cool Comma

Scamble: I met a comma at the bus stop this morning. … Did you hear what I said? I said, I met a comma, at the bus stop, this morning. Cramble: Be wary of commas. They’ll be on you like fleas. -Did you know the apostrophe is the feminine form of comma? -Band of punctuationContinue reading “Two Hep Cats and the Cool Comma”