An Air of Bad Ease

An air of bad ease descended upon the rooftop gathering as employees of Hotel Julian listened to Minerva explain her predicament, and, by process of detrimental reliance, their own. Commercial buildings, particularly those housing paying guests, were subject to strict codes designed to protect the public against construction dangers inherent in aging and disrepair ofContinue reading “An Air of Bad Ease”

Modern Man in Search of a Sofa

It is 1985, and a corporate colleague tells me his grandfather and father had built the house he would come to grow up in just before World War II, having ordered it out of a Sears Catalog. The house was delivered as a kit, with plans, in parts, via rail to a nearby town, whereContinue reading “Modern Man in Search of a Sofa”

Notes on n+1’s “MFA VS NYC: The Two Cultures of American Fiction”

The blogger is the busker of the writing world, sidewalk setup with pre-production to distribution in a snap, with or without an MFA or ever having set foot in Brooklyn, where it’s easy to mistake an NYC for a hipster, the new hepcat, but the character with a sign on a street corner, selling shortContinue reading “Notes on n+1’s “MFA VS NYC: The Two Cultures of American Fiction””

99 Bottles Over the Wall

On the tabletop of the sea sat a few empty bottles surrounded by the detritus of discussion. No burning butts, though, the bar under water, the talk polite, as if no riptide of innuendo threatened to drown out the quip. Paddling out is hard enough; now how does the stranded entrepreneur get back to theContinue reading “99 Bottles Over the Wall”

The Business of Poetry

I’m in a meeting about meetings. Someone is talking about needs: “…Clear purpose… …Keep to agenda… …Stick to schedule… …Out on time… …Take notes… …Dress code…” I note, doodle, jot down words, drop seeds of wild silly weeds into the creamy hirsute carpet; someday the seeds will sprout …into poems… the night janitor will sweepContinue reading “The Business of Poetry”

Can Business Rescue the Humanities?

While Plato ruefully proposed to banish the poet from his Republic, today’s Humanities aficionados may seek to bar businesspersons from their club. Yet the Humanities are in crisis, as usual, perhaps for lack of sound business sense, while the sound business sensors, often viewed as eschewing the Humanities, may be nipping in the basement ofContinue reading “Can Business Rescue the Humanities?”