Banana Yellow Sunrise

About fell asleep waiting on doctor to comeunder beguiling wall poster of limbic system. “I’m going to give you three words, and I’ll ask for them back before we’re done.” I repeated each word after her:yellow – yellow; banana – banana; sunrise – sunrise. Then she movedfor the cuff and I rolled up my sleeveContinue reading “Banana Yellow Sunrise”

Earth-Glass Half Empty or Fuller?: Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth

“Now there is one outstandingly important fact regarding Spaceship Earth, and that is that no instruction book came with it,” says Buckminster Fuller, explaining the title of his 1969 book, Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth, in the chapter titled “Spaceship Earth.” The whole idea is a metaphor, comparing the planet to a machine. Is Earth a machine?Continue reading “Earth-Glass Half Empty or Fuller?: Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth”

Plato was a Neuroscientist, too; or, Plato’s Purple Haze

A new Oliver Sacks book is out, The Mind’s Eye. We are kicked in the eye with metaphor, philosophy, and dichotomy, and we have not even opened the book yet: metaphor because Sacks is talking about the brain, for the mind, as Jonah Lehrer put it, “is really just a piece of meat” (Buckminster FullerContinue reading “Plato was a Neuroscientist, too; or, Plato’s Purple Haze”