Its Opposite

The ubiquitous it is at it
wait for it or go for it
again and again opposite its
clarity its antecedent it’s in
other words everywhere else
but here we will hide it
for good like its dark matter
doppelganger antithesis
it blankets, lids, sheaths
and sheets while we sleep
while we pretend to be
privy to it its fugitive identity.

On the Whole of Things

having cut it out [it, all its]
pleasure now without article
embellishment whole
some questions

consider blue hydrangea
yesterday transplanted
from pot to ground
root, stem, leaf, bud

in which will we find
whole plantness
cup without coffee
gives us to mark time

a day without hours
hours without minutes
minutes without seconds
where will we find time

for whole things
words opening
seeds, bulbs
into whole language

grown in pots
root-bound can
but describe
like mathematics
can not be