Carpe diem the light flight of the Frisbee!

Poems are often compost piles mixed with eggshells broken by past poets, full of word scraps and shards decomposing. Themes leach toward the surface, riding on the juicy skin of earthworms, rising toward the light and warmth of now. Speaking of now, one such theme is carpe diem, seize the day, or, as Janis JoplinContinue reading “Carpe diem the light flight of the Frisbee!”

Montaigne: The First Blogger; or, Nick Hornby’s Surprise

When my monthly Believer finally arrives, one of the first pieces I read is Nick Hornby’s “Stuff I’ve Been Reading.” Hornby’s polite sarcasm and gentle disdain of the academic suits the Believer’s editorial voice, a voice which, however, aging with success, must now search for ever new ways to seem avant-garde, if not anti-academic, suchContinue reading “Montaigne: The First Blogger; or, Nick Hornby’s Surprise”