Blast Famous Forth: A Still Life

She wanted a holo phrase, did Hope Mirrlees  100 Years Ago – This year the 4th of July fizzles like the silverfish on the floor of the black and white cassock closet in the church up the hill through Hilltop Park in the dark walk thru ocean arch morning. This year, 2020, I recall andContinue reading “Blast Famous Forth: A Still Life”

Summer Notes: 2 – Fireworks

“Raise high” red & orange sun umbrellas blow out the blue balloon ballroom ceiling for the doff dance “Pick up order here! …olives, pepperochini! pale ale from Hop House!” Ten knuckle blues cats breaking the rules notes bent brittle thin cast iron fat slides & tempting trombones Pop go the contradictions contraindications spinning bombos bouncingContinue reading “Summer Notes: 2 – Fireworks”

A Fourth of a Poem

All around us, the plants whisper in dry brittle voices, “water us, water us.” Sotto voce, there is no water, and what falls is not wet or gentle, but drops of chthonic fireworks, urban, rural, coastal infernos. The plants dig and pray to Hades, and cooler there than here in this air.