Notes on Music, Economy, Reading, and Walking

MUSIC: Honeysuckle Rose. In the B section, go to the 5th of the chord and solo a minor 6th. Pic of Tracy’s notes:

NOW READING: Caleb Crain’s “Overthrow” (27 Aug 2019, Viking).

MUSIC: Week one of seven last night (10 Sep) in the jazz jam. Who showed up? 3 gypsy jazz guitars, an arch top, a parlor, a mandolin, a ukulele, and a tenor sax. Tracy jammed a bit on the electric piano and diagrammed the songs and chords on the chalk board. We worked on Honeysuckle Rose, in F, the Fats Waller piece (lyrics Andy Razaf), covered by everyone over the years, but not one of my favorite pieces to play. I had trouble (as usual) keeping in the pocket. I seem to feel like there should be another bar following each line in part A. Tracy suggested fingering the C7 as a C9 at the 3rd fret, where you can switch easily to the F6, both inside chords on strings 5 thru 2. I know those settings, but somehow I reversed them when we got going, playing the C9 when I should have been on the F6 and vice versa. Nevertheless, it was a good session, productive and fun. Chords, simplify, arpeggios, adding 9th and varying chords, C9 to Gm to Gm6, for example, by putting the E on top: E G Bb D.

ECONOMY: Is this the best evolution can do?

MUSIC: I signed up for another 7 weeks of Tracy Kim’s Gypsy Jazz Jam Workshop at Artichoke Music. Fall of 2019.

ECONOMY: Where we live and what we live for.

READING: 9 Sep 19 “Noah’s Garden: Restoring the Ecology of Our Own Back Yards.” Sara Bonnett Stein, with illustrations by the author. Houghton Mifflin, 1993. I picked this out of the library box down on the corner. What a find: “A fundamental disparity is that plants grow where they can, whereas gardeners grow plants where they will” (3). I suppose the same might be said of children and their parents.

Walking, 9 Sep 2019, Around the block.