Out Comes Dad

occasionally counting daughters 
before work in the basin,
new construction, often the sun
splinters boulevards - ocean
calming down

wave objects chess dadas
moving to and fro across
the orange continental divide

oakum cold drink drizzle
obloquy causes distress
a drooping doubt befalls
and he turns around-the-clock
to return repeatedly again
and also a loss alas against
all odds closed doors

outside claustrophobia dwells
went looking for him doodle
circled the divine deforestation
of the three carob trees

what opportunity California
5th Degree Knight
in his off hour dandy dress
origin of the ritual lost
on his sons

obviously the office cabana
dude suffered outrageous
cactus disconnect.

But it was Mother's Day
oasis came dear
angels sisters and mermaids
all paused as out comes Dad
bestowing flowers fruit
and yum tum hugs and kisses.