Between Train and Town

There’s nothing to fear
said the son of King Lear
but the mode of being
sidesteps what’s seen.

The trains towned being
the question put to citizenry
between the time this train
pulls out and the next.

To inquire after acquire
after all who will refuse
walked in the waste of time
like a gerund absent his ing.

This is but a stub
no answer here
but yore context
cud be helpful.

One forages
another forges
both rant and run
day in night out.

The question from above
having to do with what to do
between trains
nothing to be done

but eat drink and be merry
avoid dairy in your dotage
save the food for the hungry
water for the thirsty

words for the wise work
for the restless wagon
for the weary to do
and see in Petty France.