We decline down the stairs
amid icy stares underground
stay warm huddled with others.

We refuse the cold’s summit
but around noon note a bit of
the bump and we stand still.

We see ourselves as heavenly
in the arc of the sun and crouch
of a close moon and our bodies

rotate out of hibernal touch
not to create a paradox
but the point is opposite

apogee if that makes you feel
any warmer the closer you get
the freeze-dry blue eyes.

Back in August when we slept
in the basement to keep cool
you worried about spiders.

All fragments yet perfectly
balanced along hot and cold
lines our lukewarm garbage

sustains us through this
our winter solstice
when even time stops.


  1. Dan Hen says:

    Decline ? down the stairs . What are we to divine from this use ? You must have used this word on purpose .

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    1. Joe Linker says:

      Magnetic declination, the difference between a true north reading and a magnetic one. Also decrease, loss of strength, downturn, falling off. To drop. Solstices are defined by solar declination. The pole (an idea) tilts toward or away from the sun. Yule note all words are used on purpose. Oh hear the angel voices, oh night divine, when we define our desire. But while all words are used deliberately, poems accept accidentals, departures from the key.


      1. Dan Hen says:

        It’s poetry to me. Yule be sure to have a good Christmas. Watch for solstice and stay warm.

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  2. Solstice greetings, Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

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    1. Joe Linker says:

      Thanks, Dave! And to you and yours, Happy Christmas times.

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