In well worn industrial area
east across polluted river
from swept clean downtown
weeds grow thru cement
cracks asphalt vacant lot
near railroad tracks.

At night sluggish possums
racoon families single file
walk down to dark river
using alleys streets docks.

No skyscrapers offer moon
shade possums backlit
racoons shadow one
another past metal works
pipe fitting supply wood
and metal fabrication
produce row truck farm
stalls construction hard
ware welding taverns
cafe guitar & drums
body & fender shop
storage facility social
services wholesale
warehousing but nary
inside space or place
for homeless asleep
in streets possums
and racoons slip by
sleeping bags tents
nose through trash
heaps past tied tarps
bent shopping carts
broken bicycles
war zone skoolies
wrecked recreational
vehicles rusting
freight and delivery
loading docks tile
reclamation screw
machine tool shops
elaborate food carts.

At river racoons play
opossums bluff
and clean and groom
eating rat remains rich
cultural throwaways.

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