Sunday Morning (III, II, I)

Oh my Zeus a girl Suze by Jove!
No god got involved the parents
the ruin of beauty and paradise
a coffee shop she a cupbearer
waitress to the young men new
to the surfboard of wet thought.
The waves roil with oily sludge
the kids play run from the blob
of the reclamation plant lazy
jets from lax prodding probing
the puffy foggy overcast clouds.
Bucketed fish guts and heads
on the pier odors the paradise
she comes to know and to love
evening gold and morning blue.

Why should she give it up to him?
What is love if he can come only
in noisy fantasy and nightmare?
Her dolphins play in their waves
charismatic and whole while he
came to end all frolic and family
for some abstract community
of musty prayer and the comfort
of wet sackcloth and cold ashes.
He who lived within herself
washed up on a desert beach
her desserts shells for a shelf
her soul he saved in a bottle
labeled I am not to drink in
letters from a foreign field.

Malaises of the nightgown and wait
for the coffee in the well worn bed
and the matted habit of a real cat
up in her window seat dome room
coalesce to repeat the profane
reminder of ritual dismission.
She dreams not and moves awake
with the eye of the storm encircled
by each newfangled catastrophe
as wealth darkens among Malibu
lights across Santa Monica Bay.
Against a rude screen true bugs
intrude like the kitchen roaches
scattering from the sudden light.
The day is like El Porto happy
with friends and popular songs
until the coming of the cat poop
cup up the stairs all the way
from the sway of bread and beer.


  1. lisa says:

    i really like this

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