Autumnal Approach

Autumn appears quiet
a dry cat curled asleep
the homeless huddled
until shuttled to a new
space just like the old
spot rules & restrictions
apply living en plein air
places of Objet trouvé
found objects surround
lean-to tents shapes built
with plastic tarps bicycle
parts organic architecture
like Falling Water cantilevered
over gutters running
incessant and unrelenting
life out of woods where
one lives deliberately
as autumn approaches
preparing for rain wind
and snow provisionally
on the surface of the
bottomless city plans.


  1. Glad to be able to click my ‘like’ for a change :)

    Here …
    cat in the rain dreams
    of a comfortable place
    safe, cosy and dry

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    1. Joe Linker says:

      thx for the haiku, Ashen.
      have made some changes recently that should allow for likes and comments ongoing.
      Also added latest Instagram posts, now trying to figure out how to add blog to Instagram.
      WordPress help is good, but it still takes (me, at least) some experimenting to achieve the Vision!
      Still dry here, hot today, no rain…so it goes
      as always, thanks for reading and comment.
      hope all’s well in Merry Old Jolly Ole!
      Long Live the Queen!

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      1. Ole!
        I hang on to WordPress Classic as long as it’s usable, Can’t handle the new block craze and continuous new designs. I have an Instagram account and occasionally check in and see your posts. Can’t seem to post images there from my laptop. Don’t have one of those clever I-phones.
        And yeah, Long Live the Queen ☼

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