Everything Begins The

The ocean, the cellular, the crawling creature
the blue ball, the yellow beach, the great divide
the tree down the road in the August breeze
tall in the open sky the dry leaves olive, the

Pill, the body, the smooth quiet morning
the block, the coming and going, the type
ography, the distribution, the arrangement,
the management, the workers working the

Night, the day, the night, the day, the night
we went out walking in the moonlight the
shadows the pearly waves the rushes
brushing cat tails on our legs the

Hope, the restlessnesses, the talks
the drives, the radio, the magazines
the intervenings, the televisions
the shelves, the house, the street, the

City lights in the desert distance
below the perimeter the parameter
the fatigues, the background
the text, the mean measley mind, the

Second cup of coffee – would you
like some more, the kind and the
unkind the words blowing the gale
the strong gusts the apples falling

The squirrels, the crows, the cats
the dogs, the possums, the racoons
the weeds, the books, the bananas
the rugs, the floors, the high roofs