On No Progression

The plough divides
a worm multiplies
where two + two
equals five.

To see a beach
in a grain of sand,
hold time in a glass
filled clock.

The privileged are due
the poor overdrawn
the middle class

The selfie shatters
the looking glass
the valleys are empty
bathtubs slowly refilling.

Politics is a rich ugly
old man’s courting
the priests and the

Put out dearth stats
in a year of death
wear a mask
and walk asunder.

Walk in the morning
nap at noon
fast in the evening
lap the night long moon.

Culture cars cruise
the city strips
radios talk blaring
the end of days.

The wise avoid likes
links and comments
while fools post poems
almost daily.

The fool prepares
to like a scholar
a celebrity hires

Devils eschew
angels desire
melting ice
feeds the fires.

Who teaches the tree
to drink the child
to nurse the old
to appear free and easy.