Comma Toes

Where to step a comma , 
to tiptoe haltingly ,
without readers tripping over it ,
losing their way.

A comma pirate drops his
offshore ,
as if it had a special purpose ,
a bouncing buoy ringing a bell ,
a porpoise out all alone.

The comma critic , well-versed
in elementary particularity ,
vacuums up all the fallen commas ,
the mote dust off a linoleum floor.

The exclamation point shouts ,
a telephone pole poised atop
a bowling ball !

While the ear shaped question
mark asks the obvious ,
ad nauseam ,
“Why all the questions!” “Why are you always shouting?”


  1. I rely on others to sweep up my too many commas when writing in English. Not surprising, when you consider the German use of these tricky little motes …

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    1. Joe Linker says:

      Thx, Ashen. Had not seen the Kanada site before. Interesting. As for commas, I was thinking Comma Paws, or Comma Claws. Like a cat’s, a retractile comma – gently squeeze the sentence and see the comma emerge!

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