1. bristlehound says:

    It is interesting how one verse will sail across the seas with a wind at heel, whilst another drowns like a stone into a black hole.
    I guess each style has beauty with the latter serving a purpose in time of reflection.
    Either way, packing the mud will always count for nought should the mud be made watery.B

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    1. Joe Linker says:

      Thx, B. Not sure if this one sailed or drowned…
      But here is the complete poem by Robert Creeley.
      I thought you might like it, given your interest
      in architecture, arrangement, building:

      The House
      for Louis Zukofsky

      Mud put
      upon mud,
      to make room,

      a cave,
      and colder

      To sleep
      in, live in,
      to come in
      from the heat,

      all form derived
      from kind,
      with that in mind.

      by Robert Creeley

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