1. It is interesting how one verse will sail across the seas with a wind at heel, whilst another drowns like a stone into a black hole.
    I guess each style has beauty with the latter serving a purpose in time of reflection.
    Either way, packing the mud will always count for nought should the mud be made watery.B

    1. Thx, B. Not sure if this one sailed or drowned…
      But here is the complete poem by Robert Creeley.
      I thought you might like it, given your interest
      in architecture, arrangement, building:

      The House
      for Louis Zukofsky

      Mud put
      upon mud,
      to make room,

      a cave,
      and colder

      To sleep
      in, live in,
      to come in
      from the heat,

      all form derived
      from kind,
      with that in mind.

      by Robert Creeley

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