Starting with No

Starting out at nine
in search of yes watches
synched to 21:00
another night problem
to hug and home by one.

Starting out at no
thing was ever what
it seemed to be
the toilet by the back gate
not plant pot nor art.

Starting out ending up
in the same place

it might have been
most anywhere

but here the sound plenty
of yeses in the hibiscuses
and sitting on the big
maple tree branch
all the kids ever were

hanging out watching
for the yeses to come
home game tied
one yes to one no not
anyone scores promises.


  1. i remember that toilet. and that one time when i came home from brownies and there was a game of wiffle going on and paul wilder laughing at my halo of golden fuzz. that was the day i was a gentle golden cat.

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    1. Joe Linker says:

      I wondered who might remember that toilet. Was it ever re-purposed? Do you remember the big maple branch in Kevin’s backyard, with a view of our yard and the village? Thx for reading and comment. Hope all’s well!


      1. Joe Linker says:

        BTW: I still remember yr brownie outfit. Not sure why Paul would have laughed at any halo coming thru the back gate!

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