Ray on
Polly & Ester over
Shell lack, the beach so far
It’s a Beautiful Day
for the Blues.

His story film earlier
Text I’ll yarn
Den I’m hep
Woe vane
All dyed felting.

More hair
Flee C
Mad as a more curious
a chord eon.


    1. “ERROR: An error occurred”

      “The object, called an exception object, contains information about the error, including its type and the state of the program when the error occurred.”

      “CYRANO Why yes, a poet, if you will; so while we fence, I’ll make you a Ballade Extempore. VALVERT A Ballade? CYRANO Yes. You know what that is?”

      “Who writes poems? Name a poet. If you will tell me where to write his name, so that whoever comes in will know who made the poem, I will write the poet’s name. (The teacher writes…”) Southern School Journal, 1904.

      “No, no thank you! Lenny is really getting into his rhythm now.” New York Magazine, Sep 6, 1971.

      But isn’t a poet just a person making poor use of free time?

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