A new Scamble and Cramble episode has been posted to the Comics page! And, meantime, regular readers of The Coming of the Toads may notice a new format now in the works. Please browse around and let me know what you like or not of the new template.


  1. All very cool and contemporary Joe. “Rump Tower”- funny!
    Skates without boarders.
    You could put the cats on a Palio diet ( is that correct?). They look a little underweight.
    A touch of Japan, a hint of Australian and a whole lot of action.
    Great work!

      1. No idea Joe. I think I recognise it when it happens but how to foster I cannot say. Like any intimacy the link happens ‘between’ not from… I just got fond of your header pictures, colours, and that child with imitating chicken! Spelt the introduction to you!

        1. Well, I’ve brought the child with the chicken back, having not forgotten your comments on the previous change, where I was looking for a look more minimalist. But your comment just now “the link happens ‘between’ not from” seems key. BTW, I’m just finishing up a new post suggested by something you said in your first comment. I’ll post it shortly.

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