1. Yield, submit, surrender – one spends resources trying to avoid, evade. Then suddenly there it is, maudlin in the mirror, about as modern as chaff, but you go combing through the chaff to see what might still be there. And you bring the chaff up and mix it with the hubris. And you see what you get. What you get back – always a surprise!

    1. A rose is a rose is a rose is arose
      My love! My love is like a rose
      A red red rose
      My love is like a red wheelbarrow
      Full of red red roses!

      Sea Rose
      By H. D.

      Rose, harsh rose,
      marred and with stint of petals,
      meagre flower, thin,
      sparse of leaf,

      more precious
      than a wet rose
      single on a stem—
      you are caught in the drift.

      Stunted, with small leaf,
      you are flung on the sand,
      you are lifted
      in the crisp sand
      that drives in the wind.

      Can the spice-rose
      drip such acrid fragrance
      hardened in a leaf?

  1. Joe, try and get through a day without humming ‘The Rain the Park and Other Things – The Flower Girl” The Cowsils did this so well and just what is evoked through reading your poem.
    I see “The Red Wheelbarrow” made yet another run. More power to the Red Wheelbarrow.B

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